.: Download Incursion

Here is the most current official binary release of Incursion: Halls of the Goblin King.

  • Incursion 0.6.9I for Win32 Systems.

    Incursion is known to be incompatable with the BBLeanSkin component of the BBClean shell. Add Incursion to ther exclusions list (exclusions.rc) for BBLeanSkin and it will function correctly.

  • Incursion 0.6.9H4 for Linux.

    I've had one user report severe instability with the Linux version of 0.6.9A that I can't duplicate or fix. As a result, I'm also offering a link to the 0.6.5BL executable for those folks that find 0.6.9H3 unusable. Sorry if the newest build hasn't worked well for you!

    There is a known issue with the Linux version where sending the game fullscreen will change your desktop resolution to whatever you have the fullscreen resolution in the game set to. This is being researched presently. In the mean time, the obvious workaround is to set your desktop resolution the same as the game's resolution, or to use NVIDIA Settings or your system's equivalent to reset the resolution after running the game.

  • Incursion 0.6.9H4 for Mac OSX 10.4 (Intel).

    Special thanks to Steven Hamilton for taking care of the Mac port. From not on I'm going to be forwarding Mac-specific bug reports to him. Note that this version only works with Intel Macs, not PowerPC Macs.

    There is a known issue with the Mac port where it will simply crash on initialization with some systems; we don't know why this is happening yet. If you experience this and have some coding/debugging experience, and are willing to try debugging, contact me.

    Update: This crash issue results from running the game from a disk image or other non-writable location. If you don't do that it should work fine!

  • The Incursion Change Log.

.: A Note About E-Mail

I've been getting an increased volume of e-mail about Incursion recently. I've very happy people are (in most cases) enjoying the game. I'm always very busy, though, so I often don't reply to mails for 3 or more days. Rest assured, however, that I am reading everything I get, and I do try to respond to everything (though I have been known to accidentally 'lose' mail on occasions). As long as your mail doesn't bounce, I have it, probably have read it, and will respond when time permits.

Speaking of mail bouncing, my Incursion account has overflowed twice recently, as a result of lots of saved games being sent in. In the future, if you want to send me a saved game, please either (1) upload it to "Incursion", the Google Groups list for discussing the game, (2) upload it with a bug report to the bug database on this website, or (3) upload it to rapidshare and send me a link. This will help me manage my e-mail a great deal.

.: Frequently Asked Questions

There have been a number of repeatedly asked questions about the game, relating to changing the font size, dealing with certain recurring difficult threats such as poltergeists or performing common challenges such as lifting curses or identifying items. I don't have time to maintain any kind of decent FAQ for the game, but I recommend people visit the new, official Incursion Wiki, which has a FAQ and strategy guide; I'm going to try to contribute there more in the future.

.: Offline HTML Manual

Here you can download an offline archive of the HTML files for the manual. This is useful if you don't have net access everywhere or you want to update other reference material such as the Incursion Wiki using incremental diffs.

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